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What is microfilm?

The microfilm is the process by which a document is captured through a camera lens, creating a latent image on a movie film, microfilm.

A microfilm is similar to an ordinary photographic film. It is composed of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) coated with an emulsion containing silver halide light-sensitive. The size of these silver crystals determine the sensitivity and resolution of the film. When the crystals are exposed to light, but form an invisible latent image.

After a film is exposed, it goes through a chemical process called disclosure. The developer acts on the silver crystals which are exposed to light, turning them into metallic silver, thereby forming the image. After the film is shown stabilized by a fastener, and the crystals that were not exposed to light are removed by a solution of sodium aluminum or thiosulfate. The negative image is now short and the film is no longer sensitive to light and becomes stable.

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The suitability of the documentary photographic process area involves microfotografar a set of documents in series and sorted after being contained in a roll of film with reductions between 16 times and 40 times.

Why microfilm?

The microfilm rolls are extremely stable and when stored properly, survive the decay up to 500 years.

Being an analog support and direct capture the documents it contains become unalterable and technology independent specifies, technological obsolescence is no longer a concern.

As a storage medium is extremely effective, can storage volume reductions in relation to the role of the order of 98%

Is it legal?

The legislation gives the authenticity and legality allowing necessary replace the paper. Also counts as a series of international standards designed and tested to ensure the quality needed for the replacement of paper and long-term storage.

Paper and file
Paper and file

Paper documents record all activities of organizations. Convert paper files to files on microfilm allows retain the legal validity and reduce the footprint up to 98%.

Support microfilm has increased physical stability to other media which gives you the ability to be a security support for decades without successive migrations and low replacement cost information.

Bound and fragile
Bound and fragile

Designed for libraries and archives, and suitable for originals with different degrees of decay, loose and bound documents.

Microfilm is today a stand that offers enormous stability and continuity guaranteed that cultural and historical information is securely stored and up to 500 years. The ideal support for an effective policy of long-term preservation and a guarantee against the risks posed to the obsolescence observed in digital information systems.

Digital to Microfilm
Digital to Microfilm

The latest technological innovation in the field of microfilm.Now you can turn pictures and digital information directly to microfilm. It's a solution for the implementation of preservation and security policies.

The microfilm as security file does not require migration scheduled for compatibility. Are scanned images from paper documents, purely electronic documents and computer code, can be converted to microfilm support.


Based on the preservation of security and distribution of information in support microfilm, we have a replication service reels of microfilm. The duplication can be made to film silver salts or diazo film. The first, produced in accordance with the quality standards in force, is a faithful reproduction of the original, serving as an additional backup or as a replacement copy. The second is a copy distribution, suitable for use in readers and for creating hardcopies.