Industry Solutions


Applications, proposals, underwriting, administration and change forms, flex reimbursement forms, claims forms, annuity forms, life insurance forms, health insurance forms, auto insurance forms, disability forms, supplemental medical, the administration and settlement of claims - to say the least, the insurance industry is paper-intensive. And each of these tasks involves the review and evaluation of reams of data and documents. Even when a claim is settled, it often results in more paper.

Handling that much paper is labor-intensive and risk-laden, and it's also extremely expensive - from the printing and storage of forms, to the creation, monitoring, processing and archiving of claims, checks and myriad other documents. Agents, producers, brokers, customer service representatives - everyone in the industry - can reduce costs and make better use of their time. Just let Mathenson manage all those business processes.

Whether you need help with claims processing, account openings, accounts payable, claims payment, mailroom automation, even converting all that paper stuck in storage, Mathenson has solutions unique to the insurance industry to help you:

  • Save money by eliminating paper forms
  • Get the right information to your agents wherever they're located
  • Store policy documents together in a secure format
  • Improve customer service by providing instant access to records
  • Deliver claims payments electronically
  • Provide end-to-end automated accounts payable solutions