Transactional Content Management

(Paper-heavy. Time-consuming. Completely taxing. But it's the lifeblood of any business.) Simply stated, transactions bring the money in, and keep the doors open. And despite the years-long promise of a paperless future, every global enterprise continues to generate, move, receive and store huge volumes of documents that must be captured, processed, managed. And it all must be accessed by a growing network of increasingly exotic channels, from traditional email to advanced mobile devices.

That's why a growing number of companies are calling on Mathenson for scalable, cost-effective solutions to control and optimize business processes. Mathenson transactional content management solutions deliver superior software, hardware and services for transactional content management that is seamlessly integrated into your business applications - and completely tailored for your specific business demands. Whether it's records management for healthcare organizations, meeting federal compliance for financial institutions, tax processing for government agencies, claims management for insurance companies, AP automation for an electrical utility - or any number of jobs in any industry - Mathenson provide a scalable and cost-effective solution for managing any business transaction.